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Build Muscle with EmSculpt

You can now build muscle in a revolutionary, non-invasive procedure called EmSculpt! In as little as four sessions you can get the body that you desire. This procedure can be used to sculpt areas of your body, such as the buttocks, abdominal and arm muscles to help you have the muscle build that you've always wanted!

EmSculpt is non-invasive so without any surgery or opening wounds, it can help you become toned and sculpted. It works by creating muscle contractions that are stronger than normal contractions, creating a more intense reaction from the muscle tissue, leading to a deeper muscle build and highly visible sculpting! Watch the video below to see how it works:

A complete treatment with EmSculpt is four sessions of 20-30 minutes that scheduled a couple of days apart, with the goal of all treatments being complete within two weeks. The best part of this treatment, along with looking great afterward, is that there is no recovery time or post-treatment needed. The only symptom you may experience is the muscle soreness of an intense workout. Results will often manifest shortly after the end of treatment and should continue to improve for several weeks.

If you want to improve your own muscle build and sculpt, visit our website here to learn more and schedule an appointment with us!


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