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Bringing Mansfield Botox and Skin Treaments

Recently, Fairlawn Aesthetic MD has added a secondary location. They were previously providing services to those closer to Akron, Ohio, but with this second location, they will be able to provide all the same services to an entirely different population of Ohio. Fairlawn Aesthetic MD specializes in many different aesthetic treatments, including Botox, tattoo removal, and facial thread lifts. They are able to bring the area of Mansfield Botox with their location in Ontario, Ohio.

They take care of their customers and even do their facial thread lifts without a single cut, it is purely injections. Fairlawn Aesthetic MD uses NovaThreads for the process, they are a synthetic, absorbable surgical suture composed of polydioxanone. These sutures are used to perform cardiothoracic surgery, like open-heart surgery, and are one of the safest materials to be implanted in the body. The best part is that your skin fully absorbs polydioxanone sutures within 4 to 6 months, without leaving any scar tissue at all. Some clients have mentioned how great their skin feels after a procedure and how noticeable the differences were even after a small amount of treatments.

Mansfield Botox

Another large service that they specialize in is the removal of sunspots and hair removal. By using IPL Laser Treatment, there is barely any downtime after a procedure and you get get back to your normal activities. The treatment also gives very minimal side effects and takes a very small amount of time to complete the treatment. Fairlawn Aesthetic MD uses the same IPL treatment for several different procedures like; removal of sunspots and age spots, acne treatment, hair removal, and treatment of broken capillaries and Rosacea. Previous patients have mentioned being skeptical in the IPL treatment, but it blew their expectations away.

By bringing services like these to the Ontario and Mansfield area, Fairlawn Aesthetic MD are helping others avoid a longer drive to their location toward Akron and giving a better opportunity for those in the North-East and North-Central area of Ohio to receive the same quality service. Visitors of the offices have mentioned how kind the doctors and staff are and how they make you comfortable with the procedures. They have also mentioned how it feels like a "close to home" experience and that the environment truly adds to the comfort of the client.

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